NEW LOOK Trail Magazine on sale NOW!

The September issue of Trail is out now and is the first to sport the magazines fresh new look.

Somehow, despite always having been crammed full of useful, informative and inspirational outdoor advice, news and features, the team behind Trail have managed to squeeze even more great stuff into its already jam-packed pages.

More photos, more stories, more gear, more skills, more everything. And it's been given a bit of a makeover too, so it looks fresh faced and even better than before.

But don't just take our word for it. Below is a wee teaser of what can be found inside September's Trail Magazine, and if you find your appetite whetted, the actual mag is in all good news-racks now.

Alternatively, subscribe to Trail and save money, plus get the added convenience of having it delivered to your door - usually days before it can be found in the shops!

After all, who has time to trek round newsagents when there's a world out there waiting to be explored...?