Movie Preview: Beyond the Edge 3D

Mountaineering dramas don�t come bigger than Everest 53...

� so it was with extreme pleasure that LFTO headed down to London for a recent screening of the new movie: Beyond the Edge 3D.

We�re currently under an air-tight press embargo regarding the film � so we can�t publish a full review � but trust us when we say this: this is one cinematic experience you don�t want to miss.

Re-telling the story of Mt Everest�s first ascent, the film mingles colour archive footage with seamless recreations � all shot in glorious 3D � to give you the most vivid impression ever recorded of an ascent of the world�s tallest peak. The focus lies strongly on the characters behind the climb, giving a full, frank and (if we may say so) stirringly heroic depiction of everyone from expedition leader John Hunt to climbers Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans and, of course, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

In Director Leanne Pooley�s words: �The best documentaries are exactly like the best fiction features; good stories, well told, with a strong narrative and great characters. Beyond the Edge is neither a documentary nor drama but a piece of work that authentically weaves the two into one.�

Shot on location on Everest itself, additional footage was captured in the southern Alps of New Zealand. It was on the peaks of the spectacular South Island* that Edmund Hillary became a self-made alpinist � making them a perfect choice for a film that celebrates his greatest achievement.

With contributions and voice-overs from Everest veterans, relatives and even members of the original team, it�s hard to imagine a more comprehensive look at mountaineering�s greatest tale, or a better tribute to the heroes that made it all possible.

In case you haven�t guessed � LFTO simply can�t wait to see it again.

Beyond the Edge 3D premiered at Toronto and has been screened in New Zealand � where it became the country�s most successful ever documentary. The UK release is currently scheduled for April/May, but we expect an exact date soon.  

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* (for those keen for extra detail, the specific locations were Mt Hopkins at the head of the Dobson Valley, the Tasman Glacier ice-falls, Mt Hochstetter ice fall and various sites on The Minarets).