Improve your pics with Panasonic

The Panasonic Lumix FZ200 is a light, sophisticated, long-zoom camera that's easy to use but produces fantastic images.

Of course, you still need some idea as to what you're doing in order to get the best out of it. With that in mind, Panasonic have produced a range of tips to help you do just that.


Fill in flash

Struggling with bright skies? Is your subject in deep shadow? Fear not � help is at hand! If you find yourself climbing on a sunny day, or navigating caves or mines in virtual darkness, and still want to document your adventures, you can use a technique known as fill-in flash. The Panasonic Lumix FZ200 features a pop-up flash with a dedicated activation switch that allows you to be ready to shoot in seconds. The flash offers a coverage range of 13.5m at wider focal lengths.

Shot with Panasonic FZ200. Click to enlarge.

Whenever your background is brighter than the person you�re photographing, the camera�s metering system will struggle, often resulting in the subject being in near-silhouette. A burst of fill-in flash will perfectly illuminate your subject � in our case a climber catching his breath � and your images will spring to life. Keep an eye on the distance between camera and your subject. Too close and the flash may overexpose the subject, resulting in lost detail and blown highlights.



Nothing brings an epic landscape to life like a figure strolling off into the sunset or taking a moment to enjoy the view. Walking is about the journey rather than simply getting from A to B and it�s important that we pause to record these fleeting indulgences. Compositional devices such as lead-in lines (objects like paths, walls and streams that grab the viewer�s eye and lead it through an image) and the rule-of-thirds (an imaginary grid that divides a frame into nine equal segments) can bring balance to an image. They can also be used to add impact. For instance, use a path to lead the eye the into the frame and position your focal point on intersecting rule-of-thirds grid lines and, wham, you�ve got a shot with real clout.

Shot with Panasonic FZ200. Click to enlarge.

To see this in action, take a look at our shot here � we even positioned the horizon on a horizontal rule-of-thirds grid line to bring even more balance to the shot. The great outdoors, fresh air, blue sky� what�s not to like.


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