Six Great Waterfall Walks - Download routes for FREE!

An impressive waterfall can be the highlight of many a great walk.

There's something hypnotic about the power and the splendour of these natural masterpieces.

And, as luck would have it, they normally have stunning surroundings - much of which has often been created by the waterfalls themselves over many thousands of years.

We've picked six great waterfall walks from our routes database for you to enjoy...


Grey Mare's Tail

 Grey Mares Tail by David Baird

This is a magnificent 60m hanging valley waterfall in Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve, which is owned by the National Trust for Scotland. It's the most northerly of the waterfalls featured on this page and is situated near Moffat, in Dumfries and Galloway, south-west Scotland. Click here to download a route to this waterfall


Sgwd Yr Eira

Sgwd Yr Eira

Two years ago staff at Country Walking chose this as their favourite waterfall in Britain. As well as powerful and aesthetically pleasing, this Brecon Beacons delight allows you to walk behind its curtain of water for an experience you'll never forget. Click here to download a route to this waterfall 


Kinder Downfall

 Kinder Downfall by Dave Dunford

If the wind is right you may be treated to the bizarre sight of a waterfall being blown back uphill. Kinder Downfall (usually) descends off the Peak District's highest summit - Kinder Scout - and is a hugely popular attraction. Click here to download a route to this waterfall  

Pistyll Rhaeadr

 Pistyll Rhaeadr by Dudie

The highest waterfall in Wales and surely one of the most magnificent in Britain. It's one of the Seven Wonders of Wales and drops 240ft at the head of a lush green valley. Click here to download a route to this waterfall 


Cam Spout

 Cam Spout

This waterfall's a refreshing surprise as you leave the lonely wilderness of Great Moss on your way up to Scafell. The tough walk required to reach it ensures there'll be few other people around as you enjoy the charm of Cam Spout. Click here to download a route to this waterfall 


Gaping Gill

Gaping Gill by Jarvist Frost 

If you get to Gaping Gill in the next few days you can enjoy the best of this waterfall, which drops underground into a giant cave chamber. Craven Pothole Club will be winching people down to the bottom of the cave until Monday, August 31st. Whether you get this opportunity or not, it's a great sight and is part of a fantastic walk up Ingleborough, in the Yorkshire Dales. Click here to download a route to this waterfall