If you could be placed anywhere overseas, where would it be?

We asked the Trail and Country Walking teams to tell us where their dream overseas location would be.

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Matt Swaine, editor, Trail


"I�d quite like to find myself on top of the Santa Maria volcano outside of a town called Quetzaltenango in Guatemala. I worked here in 1995 and we�d sleep out on the summit that gave the perfect view down onto the still active and smouldering volcano of Santiaguito. It involved a pretty easy route to the top, a cold night camped out, an amazing sunrise and then a blistering run back down the hill for breakfast. On one occasion walking round here alone I was bitten by a dog and spent the following three months having anti-rabies injections in the stomach, so I might make sure I take a large stick with me this time!"


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Jonathan Manning, editor, Country Walking


"Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon, Arizona, USA for the mind-blowing sweep of wind sculpted sandstone. Think twisted gorges made from molten amber and you start to get the picture."

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Simon Ingram, deputy editor, Trail


"From an outdoor point of view Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. (Truthfully, Venice)."

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Nick Hallissey, deputy editor, Country Walking


"The start of the cable climb to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park � never done it, must do before I�m 40. Though not in an electrical storm, obviously."

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Claire Maxted, staff writer, Trail


"Right now? The Carstensz Pyramid. The highest in Oceania at 4884m, making it one of the seven summits � the lowest, but technically the hardest, it�s currently way beyond my rock climbing skills (you need to have climbed Hard Severe)."

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Jenny Walters, staff writer, Country Walking


"The Dusky Track on the South Island of New Zealand. It�s an 8-day tramp through remote alpine scenery south of the famous Milford Sound and I�ve always wanted to do it � lakes, mountains, fjords and not a soul for days."

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Graham Thompson, technical editor, Trail


"In a forest with a mountain on the doorstop that had open access, ice climbing, rock climbing, biking, running and wild camping routes. Sounds like I should head to New Zealand or Canada then!"

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Phoebe Smith, staff writer, Trail


"It changes all the time but, right now, New Zealand. I went backpacking there 2 years ago and though I was there for 6 weeks and got to see the main highlights of both islands � it just wasn�t enough time. I want to take the ferry over to Stewart Island and watch the Southern Lights come out to play..."

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Michelle Daniel, gear editor, Country Walking

"The Canadian Rockies. A friend went there recently and was so amazed by the scenery, she texted me 28 times. No, I'm not jealous..."

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