Choose the most worthy eco-project. Entry two - Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Over the next few weeks LFTOers will get the chance to choose their most worthwhile outdoor project.

Association for ConservationWe will present six projects from different groups then, once you have seen them all, we'll ask you to vote for which you think most deserves money from the EOG Association for Conservation.

This is a group of outdoor brands and retailers that give money directly to conservation projects worldwide.

So far they have supported 21 projects to the tune of EUR500,000. 

Member brands in the UK include Berghaus, Lowe Alpine UK, Hagl�fs, Pertex, The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Grangers, Nikwax, Paramo, Snugpack, SGB Magazine.

Each of the six projects can ask for up to EUR30,000.

We will present the projects over the next two weeks, then we'll open up the poll at noon on Wednesday, 27th January.

So our second project is...

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

 Bumblebee Conservation Trust

What we're about
The UK�s bumblebees have suffered huge declines due to widespread habitat loss. We aim to conserve them by returning wildflowers to the countryside.

Pembrokeshire Coast PathWe strive to raise awareness, protect important bumblebee sites and engage with landowners to create flower-rich habitats.

What we propose to do
We will create wildflower-rich habitat to support rare bumblebees along a new 10km path in the Pembrokeshire National Park.

By connecting key sites, this attractive route through spectacular scenery will help prevent the national extinction of the shrill carder bee.

Why LFTOers should vote for us
This is a fantastic opportunity to help a really rare bumblebee and create a lovely place for a walk!

Your vote will help us to introduce wildflowers along a new path through previously-restricted MoD land at Castlemartin and create wildflower-rich meadows nearby.

This will provide essential bumblebee habitat and also create pretty places full of flowers, bees and butterflies for everyone to enjoy. We�ll be bringing extra colour and �buzz� to beautiful Pembrokeshire!

Bumblebees are vital to us as they pollinate many wildflowers and important crops, so it is imperative that we look after them.

Project officer Dr Pippa RaynorThe project can make a real difference as Pembrokeshire supports many bumblebee species, including the very rare shrill carder bee (a handsome little bumblebee with a high-pitched buzz!).

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and the MoD have already offered to support this exciting project if we can find funding. So please vote for the bumbles!

Click here to find out more about the Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Voting begins at noon on Wednesday, 27th January