Choose the most worthy eco-project. Entry six - The Woodland Trust

Over the next few weeks LFTOers will get the chance to choose their most worthwhile outdoor project.

Association for ConservationWe will present six projects from different groups then, once you have seen them all, we'll ask you to vote for which you think most deserves money from the EOG Association for Conservation.

This is a group of outdoor brands and retailers that give money directly to conservation projects worldwide.

So far they have supported 21 projects to the tune of EUR500,000. 

Member brands in the UK include Berghaus, Lowe Alpine UK, Hagl�fs, Pertex, The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Grangers, Nikwax, Paramo, Snugpack, SGB Magazine.

Each of the six projects can ask for up to EUR30,000.

We will present the projects over the next two weeks, then we'll open up the poll at Noon on Wednesday, 27th January.

So our final project is...

The Woodland Trust

 Woodland Trust logo

What we're about
The Woodland Trust is the UK�s leading woodland conservation charity with over 1,000 woods stretching the length and breadth of the country. 

Our vision is to have a UK rich in native woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone.


Lang Craigs by Nial BenvieWhat we propose to do
We have a unique opportunity to purchase a spectacular plot of land just 12 miles from Glasgow.

Acquiring Lang Craigs offers an amazing chance to protect existing habitats and create new homes for important wildlife by planting new native woodland.


Why LFTOers should vote for us
Standing atop Lang Craigs with its spectacular views over the River Clyde, Ben Lomond and beyond it is hard to believe you are only 12 miles from Glasgow � it really is a hidden gem of a place.   

If we can raise the money to purchase this inspirational 240 ha site � we can turn around the years of neglect which have degraded the natural environment.  

Native woodland is one of our richest habitats; planting 200,000 native trees will create a new home for wildlife such as deer, black grouse, tawny owls and bats.  

Andrew Fairbairn of The Woodland TrustWe also want to give local people the chance to plant 50,000 trees and provide them with an inspirational woodland experience. 

This project will create a lasting legacy for our children and children�s children.  

If we don�t act now we could lose the opportunity for ever� so please vote now.

Click here for more information about this project


Voting begins at noon on Wednesday, 27th January