Choose the most worthy eco-project. Entry four: BTCV

Over the next few weeks LFTOers will get the chance to choose their most worthwhile outdoor project.

Association for ConservationWe will present six projects from different groups then, once you have seen them all, we'll ask you to vote for which you think most deserves money from the EOG Association for Conservation.

This is a group of outdoor brands and retailers that give money directly to conservation projects worldwide.

So far they have supported 21 projects to the tune of EUR500,000. 

Member brands in the UK include Berghaus, Lowe Alpine UK, Hagl�fs, Pertex, The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Grangers, Nikwax, Paramo, Snugpack, SGB Magazine.

Each of the six projects can ask for up to EUR30,000.

We will present the projects over the next two weeks, then we'll open up the poll at noon on Wednesday, January 27th.

So our fourth project is...


 BTCV logo

What we're about
BTCV is the world�s largest team of green volunteers, creating a better environment where people are valued, included and involved.  We inspire people to improve places, and we empower communities to make practical environmental conservation happen.

Walling for the BTCVWhat we propose to do
With Friends of the Lake District, we will:

   >> enhance biodiversity and landscape through practical work; 
   >> celebrate our countryside and the traditional skills which keep it alive;
   >> involve and train hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life.

Why LFTOers should vote for us
Our project will impact on the most treasured elements of the Lake District�s landscape: derelict dry stone walls will be rebuilt allowing sheep grazing to revitalise meadows; recreational access will be upgraded; habitats enhanced; and hedgerows reinvigorated. 

Flagship hedgelaying and walling competitions will be a culmination of the yearlong volunteer and skills training programmes, achieving high quality improvements to the countryside. 

Yet we will not only make significant and valuable enhancements to the countryside; we will also change people�s lives. 

Rachel Miller of the BTCV projectVisitors and locals, the disadvantaged, disconnected and unemployed, those with poorer mental or physical wellbeing and the fit and able, old and young, professionals and aspiring youngsters: all will gain skills, improve confidence, admire results of their own handiwork, discover areas of natural beauty, socialise with like-minded individuals, and spend time in a green and living environment. 

A win for the future of the Lake District, its people and visitors.

Click here for more details about BTCV


Voting begins at noon on Wednesday, 27th January