Choose the most worthy eco-project. Entry Three - Wild Ennerdale

Over the next few weeks LFTOers will get the chance to choose their most worthwhile outdoor project.

Association for ConservationWe will present six projects from different groups then, once you have seen them all, we'll ask you to vote for which you think most deserves money from the EOG Association for Conservation.

This is a group of outdoor brands and retailers that give money directly to conservation projects worldwide.

So far they have supported 21 projects to the tune of EUR500,000. 

Member brands in the UK include Berghaus, Lowe Alpine UK, Hagl�fs, Pertex, The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Grangers, Nikwax, Paramo, Snugpack, SGB Magazine.

Each of the six projects can ask for up to EUR30,000.

We will present the projects over the next two weeks, then we'll open up the poll at noon on Wednesday 27th January.

So our third project is...

Wild Ennerdale

 Wild Ennerdale

What we're about
Established in 2003, �Wild Ennerdale� brings together the three largest landowners in Ennerdale: Forestry Commission, National Trust and United Utilities. The area covers 4,300 hectares (10,600 acres) with a spectacular combination of mountains, rivers, lake and forest.  

What we propose to do
Pillar in Ennerdale valleyOur vision is �to allow the evolution of Ennerdale as a wild valley for the benefit of people, relying more on natural processes to shape its landscape and ecology�.

Why LFTOers should vote for us
Ennerdale is one of the few places in England which retains a sense of wildness, remoteness and peace.  

With no vehicle access, the valley is best explored on foot or mountain bike where you become absorbed in a vast expanse of land - as if nature is in charge - yet the scenery has been shaped by man for thousands of years.

The focus here is on self exploration and adventure. Man-made features are kept to a minimum and gradually nature is being given more freedom to shape the landscape.  

The Wild Ennerdale teamIf Wild Ennerdale was to gain the most votes in this competition, an immediate visible change to the look and feel of the valley would take effect.

By removing conifers, we will enhance visitor views of the imposing mountains and shining River Liza.

The planting of juniper and birch will benefit wildlife and leave a legacy for future generations who will be able to stand on Wainwright's favourite Lakeland summit of Haystacks and look down on a new and wilder natural landscape.

Click here to find out more about Wild Ennerdale


Voting begins at noon on Wednesday, 27th January