Choose the most worthy eco-project. Entry One - The Wildlife Trusts

Over the next few weeks LFTOers will get the chance to choose their most worthwhile outdoor project.

Association for ConservationWe will present six projects from different groups then, once you have seen them all, we'll ask you to vote for which you think most deserves money from the EOG Association for Conservation.

This is a group of outdoor brands and retailers that give money directly to conservation projects worldwide.

So far they have supported 21 projects to the tune of EUR500,000. 

Member brands in the UK include Berghaus, Lowe Alpine UK, Hagl�fs, Pertex, The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Grangers, Nikwax, Paramo, Snugpack, SGB Magazine.

Each of the six projects can ask for up to EUR30,000.

We will present the projects over the next two weeks, then we'll open up the poll at noon on Wednesday, 27th January.

So our first project is...

The Wildlife Trusts

Wildlife Trusts logo

What we�re about
There are 47 Wildlife Trusts across the whole of the UK.

We are working for an environment rich in wildlife for everyone. With 791,000 members, we are the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving the full range of the UK�s habitats and species.

What we propose to do
Blacka Moor in autumnThe Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham urgently needs to undertake improvements to a key bridleway at Blacka Moor Nature Reserve creating a sympathetically constructed surface using local stone and with appropriate drainage.

This will prevent further erosion and damage to the fragile woodland ground flora caused by visitor usage.

Why should LFTOers vote for us?
Blacka Moor Nature Reserve, on the south-west edge of Sheffield, is the perfect escape with spectacular moors and woodland providing a stunning and peaceful setting for experiencing wildlife.

An internationally important upland in the Peak District National Park, boasting a range of protected habitats and species, Blacka Moor contributes to The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham�s aim of creating a robust green network from the high moors of the Peak District to the floodplain of the Lower Don Valley � into the heart of urban Sheffield and Rotherham.

It also forms part of The Wildlife Trust�s vision of A Living Landscape; to create a resilient and healthy environment.

Roy Moseley, from the Blacka Moor Nature Reserve projectIf this project were successful in achieving funding, readers will help:
� To significantly reduce future damage and erosion to the fragile woodland flora at Blacka Moor.
� A wide range of people and local volunteers to gain skills in footpath construction, teamwork and learn more about the site�s ecology.
� The Wildlife Trusts achieve their vision of A Living Landscape.

Click here to find out more about The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham


Voting begins at noon on Wednesday, 27th January