Avalanche Awareness

For mountaineers and hill walkers, 2013 has not started well.

The loss of four lives on Bidean Nam Bian in Glencoe on Saturday 19th of January was the worst avalanche incident in the UK since 1998 when four climbers were taken on Aonach Mor.

The truth is that hill walking and mountaineering put us at risk. It�s a truth we are all aware of and accept because the benefits and joys we experience make it a risk worth taking.

But that�s not to say that we shouldn�t always look to minimise those risks by taking steps to identify and avoid them, and by preparing for what might happen in the hills.

In the last issue of Trail we published some advice on how to identify areas at risk of avalanche before you set out for the hills. These pages are now available for free on the Live for the Outdoors website for you to download, read and put the information in to practice.

Just click HERE or on the image below.