Choose your Top 10 mountain tracks!



We may have slightly misled you with that title. If you're here looking to vote for your favourite route through the hills, I'm afraid you may have grasped the pointy end of the trekking pole. We're not talking paths; we're talking music.

Mountains are, if we do say so ourselves, awesome. Indeed, even the smaller ones which we label hills can be pretty spectacular. It's little wonder, then, that not only do we appreciate them from an aesthetic and literal perspective, but also that they've come to represent things metaphorically, too. Nowhere is this more evident than in the use of the words 'mountain' and 'hill' in music.

And this is a good thing because, to be frank, if we were to compile a list of tracks that were purely and genuinely about walking over hills or climbing mountains, it'd be a short one and there wouldn't be that many recognisable tunes. For that reason, we've opened the category of 'mountain and hill tracks' to include songs in which actual mountains and hills are represented, in which mountains and hills are used as symbols, and in which the words 'mountain' or 'hill' appear in any form. Yes, some are pretty tenuous. We've also included a few that refer to walking without mention of hills, and a couple that refer to the general act of going 'up'. If it seems an eclectic mix, don't blame us - you lot chose them.

We asked followers of Trail's Facebook and Twitter feeds to make suggestions for songs or pieces of music that we could include in this compilation. We got a little over 40 suggestions, and with 40 being such a crucial number in the world of pop-charts, we thought that 40 tracks would make a good starting point. This meant that we had to chop a few off the list, but this was simple enough by ensuring that each band/artist/composer only appeared once, and by erasing a few suggestions altogether. For example, you'llfind that Miley Cyrus does not appear on this list, despite being suggested by more than one of our Facebook followers. Shame on you.

Anyway, now it's over to you. Check out the 40 tracks below and choose your favourites. You can vote for up to 10 tracks, and if you need a reminder of what they sound like (or have never heard the track before) you can watch a video of each one too. Get listening, and get clicking.

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