Great Gable

There are few mountains as historically fascinating, pleasingly gothic in aesthetics or twistingly complicated in nature as Great Gable. And there are few that harbour so many interesting nooks and famous diversions. Entire books have been written about Gable, and it adorns the labels of beers and the logo of the Lake District National Park Authority – in which it is accurately portrayed dominating the vista along Wast Water. It is a mountain whose greatest interest is to be found high on its flanks rather than its top – from Sphinx rock, the eerie maze of the Great Napes and the legendary Napes Needle, the Great Gully and the murky footprints of bootlegger Lanty Slee, whose derelict hut lies deep within the many folds of the mountain. 

Best route: the ultimate has to be the Climbers’ Traverse from Seathwaite (NY235122)




Height(m) : 899
Height(ft) : 2949
Our Rating : Rating is 5 out of 5
Location : Lake District: Western Fells
National Park : Lake District
Grid Reference : NY210103
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