Claire Maxted on the prickled marvels of Tryfan:
"My mind is blank. I’m wobbling on one leg at on a chunk of granite higher than a 6ft bloke and as wide as a bath mat. This just-about-climbable pillar is affectionately known as Adam, and one over-sized leg stretch away stands its partner, Eve. At 915m on the summit of Tryfan, the drop between them makes my stomach lurch. One calf muscle twinge later I’m flying through the air towards Eve. On a clear day you can see these twin pinnacles, and their famous gap, from Llyn Ogwen below. And if you squint, Tryfan’s jagged outline does a very good impression of a side-on shot of Queen Victoria’s face. Frozen, Medusa-like at the end of the Glyders, the hard granite slabs jut out in all the right places to create the perfect replica of the old monarch’s profile. This is what shoves Tryfan well and truly into this list: there’s a heart-racing scramble to the top no matter which side you start your walk. Paths come and go up the popular north ridge – and I defy anyone to scramble it the same way twice, thrice, or ever again. You can climb Tryfan 100 times over and it’s different every time."
Best route: via the superb north ridge.

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Height(m) : 915
Height(ft) : 3002
Our Rating : Rating is 5 out of 5
Location : North Wales
National Park : Snowdonia
Grid Reference : SH664594
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