Scarpa Manta Pro 2017

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Scarpa Manta Pro 2017

by Graham Thompson |
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The famous Scarpa Manta boot has set the standard for B2-rated winter boots for decades. It is built with a Gore-Tex waterproof lining inside an upper made from a mix of leather and synthetic fabrics with a full rubber rand. Underfoot you get a well-stiffened Vibram sole unit with deep, well-spaced lugs and a heel breast for grip. Of particular note is the articulated ankle cuff for support and comfort. 5/5


The Scarpa Manta Pro comes in sizes 40-50 for men and 36-42 for women. On the foot it feels reasonably wide and spacious compared to some options, with the ankle being a closer fit than others. The lacing extends to the toe for a more precise fit, and the ankle cuff is snug while allowing ankle movement. 5/5


On the foot the Scarpa Manta Pro feels comfortable for such a stiff boot, with no pressure points from the laces or ankle cuff. When you flex your ankle forward or to the side the cuff moves with the foot in a comfortable way, while still providing that all-important support. Less supportive boots are softer on the foot of course, but for a B2-rated boot this is great. 5/5


The Scarpa Manta Pro provides a reliable and precise feel when walking, which is of benefit when crossing deep snow and scrambling over mountains or crossing glaciers. That ankle movement is an important factor in this performance as it provides support so comfortably. A crampon with a heel clip can be fitted for use on ice, and there is a reasonable rolling action when walking below the snow line. 5/5


The Scarpa Manta Pro has held its price for two years, so while not cheap it is reasonable value compared to others. 4/5


The Scarpa Manta Pro is the benchmark B2-rated 4-season boot for use in a wide range of typical British winter walking and mountaineering conditions. It won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ accolade. 4.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine January 2017

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