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Health benefits of uphill walking

The Trail Everest Anywhere Challenge could be THE best way to improve your health and fitness in 2017. Discover the proven benefits of walking uphill below:

Increased cardiovascular effort

Uphill walking is better for your health and fitness than walking on the flat because your heart and muscles are working much harder.

Higher intensity workouts

The increased effort involved means that you exercise more in a short amount of time. Vigorous exercise where you are breathing hard with an increased heart rate is proven to have greater health benefits over more gentle exercise.

increased weight loss

More calories are burned when walking uphill than on the flat, so regular hill walking is a great way to lose weight fast.

 longer life

You can cut your risk of diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and decrease your chances of an early death by 30%.

Toned muscles

Not only does walking uphill make you work harder, it also changes your gait and the angle of your joints, so increasing the toning of your glutes, hamstrings and calves.

 healthier bones

Regular weight-bearing exercise lowers your risk of osteoporosis by 83%!  And walking uphill increases your exercise intensity to running levels without the same potential for injury and joint problems.

 a healthier heart

Quite simply your heart has to work harder to go uphill and it is this type of exercise that is of most benefit, this can decrease your chance of heart disease by 35%.

less chance of depression

The outdoors has been proven to fight the causes of depression by lowering anxiety levels, offering healthful exposure to sunlight and disconnect from the trappings of the modern world, improving physical and mental wellbeing. Ecotherapy is considered an effective non-medicinal treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses.

lower stress

Being out in the hills has a way of putting life into perspective, and the benefits of being out in nature is well documented – and is even used for stress therapy to reduce blood pressure levels and cortisol (a hormone which can indicate stress) levels in the blood.

Improved mood and energy

Time in the great outdoors can has been shown to inspire feelings of awe and a sense of wellbeing, which in turn improves concentration, memory, and mental health!

 better sleep

Studies have shown that over time exercise like hillwalking can improve daytime alertness and sleepiness at night, while improving sleep patterns and promoting the most restorative deep sleep phases.


Adding to your life's CV of great times and great things is something we all want to do – self satisfaction and sense of achievement are more rewarding to wellbeing than they are given credit for.

more cash!

Unless you count the cost of your walking boots and the amazingly priced Trail subscription, hillwalking is free! And you are free to do it any time you like.