Magellan Explorist 610 (2012)

A neat-looking device which is notably smaller than the other mapping units, and therefore has a much smaller screen than most. But the screen is clear and easy to read, and the touchscreen controls worked well. It picked up a fix as quickly as any – even indoors. Selecting a waypoint on the mapping is simple, but you need to be accurate, which means zooming right in. The direction arrow is clear and easy to follow. Battery life was good – they actually claim 30 hours on lithium energy, although we didn’t manage that. PC connection is via the free Vantage Point software, but the transfer of data between mapping software and the unit is fiddly in comparison with some.

Size: 128mm x 60mm x 37mm
Weight: 245g
Display:40mm x 65mm colour touchcreen
Routes/waypoint storage: 500 waypoints
Features: Compass/barometric altimeter
Battery type/ life: 2 x AA/Up to 30hrs on lithium energizer

 Review from Country Walking, August 2012.