Lowrance Endura Sierra (2012)

The Endura is a fairly large and heavy device, yet has a relatively small screen – the one real disadvantage of using buttons, although in this case they work in conjunction with the touchscreen rather than instead of it. Other than this it is great to use, with decent resolution, an easy-to-read Direction of Travel arrow, intuitive, easy menus and a useful barometric altimeter. It’s well-built and tough. Battery life isn’t brilliant and we never managed to get the claimed 10-15hrs. Perhaps the oddest things are the built-in MP3 player and camera – features that add weight, bulk and cost, yet add little for the walker really. A good device, but lacking the clear thought of some others.

Size: 130mm x 60mm x 31mm
Weight: 235g
Display: 40mm x 55mm colour touchscreen
Routes/waypoint storage: 500/4,000
Features: Electronic compass, barometric altimeter, MP3 player, camera
Battery type/life: 2 x AA/10-15hrs (claimed)
Contact: lowrance.co.uk

 Review from Country Walking, August 2012.