Garmin eTrex H

At £86 it would be wrong to expect too much from this unit, yet if all you need is something that will give you an accurate grid reference and perhaps point you to the co-ordinates of the nearest descent route when the weather turns bad, then it fits the bill perfectly. PC compatibility is basic and you need to buy the data cable to connect it to your computer separately, but it will download routes and waypoints if you want to route-plan on a PC. In action it’s very light, has superb battery life, and is very robust, making it ideal to sit in the bottom of your pack until needed. The screen’s not as clear as the colour ones but at this price, that’s no surprise.


Size: 11.2 x 5.1 x 3.0cm
Weight: 150g
Routes/waypoints: 20 routes/1,500 waypoints
WAAS/EGNOS-enabled: Yes
PC/Mac-compatible: PC only
Works with: Most software including Memory-Map
Other features: None
Battery type/claimed life: 2xAA/17hrs 
Contact: 0808 238 0000

First published in Country Walking August 2009