Garmin Vista HCx

Although small and incredibly light, the Vista HCx is the best of the old school, hand-held units and with the exception of the rather basic mapping – the best you can achieve is the optional Garmin Topographic mapping – it is everything you could possibly want from a walking/outdoor specific device. Data transfer to and from your PC is really easy and manual input isn’t too bad either. Following it, either using the excellent compass page or the useful Highway page, is an absolute doddle, allowing you more time to enjoy the scenery. Useful features like an electronic compass and barometric altimeter are icing on the cake. Unless you really want Ordnance Survey mapping, this is the unit to go for.


Size: 10.7 x 5.6 x 3.0cm 
Weight: 156g
Routes/waypoints: 50 routes, 1,000 waypoints
WAAS/EGNOS-enabled: Yes
PC/Mac-compatible: PC only
Works with: Most software including Memory-Map
Other features: Electronic compass, barometric altimeter
Battery type/claimed life: 2xAA/14hrs 
Contact: 0808 238 0000

First published in Country Walking August 2009