Vargo Ti Non Stick Kettle 2009

The Vargo Ti Non Stick Kettle comprises a titanium 1.3 litre pot and lid that are extremely lightweight and could be shared between two campers to save maximum weight. The pot comes with a mesh stuffsack that weighs 12g. The lid fits well and has a plastic knob screwed to the top.  But there is no pan grip provided, and for two people it may be better to add the £27 Vargo 0.9 litre pot, which fits neatly inside this one.


Packed size 17.5x9cm
Weight 152g
Stockist details – tel. (01740) 665057;

Verdict: The Vargo Ti Non Stick Kettle is a very lightweight pot that could be combined with other lightweight items to build a more useable cook set.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2009