Vango Non Stick Cook Kit One Person 2009

If you cook real food rather than heat up water to hydrate a packet meal then the Vango Non Stick Cook Kit One Person pan set is ideal. You get two pots, 0.7 and 0.9 litres, and two lids, plus a frying pan and plastic cup. The steel pans have non-stick surfaces too. There is no pan grip, but the pans have handles that are plastic-coated so they don’t burn you.  But this is an extensive kit for one solo backpacker, so you could reduce its weight by only using what you need. The plastic cup is very small.

Packed size 15x9cm
Weight 646g
Stockist details – tel. 0844 811 0535;

Verdict: The Vango Non Stick Cook Kit One Person is an extensive solo cook set for those who want to cook real food. It won ‘Best value’ and Best in test’ for one-person pan sets.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2009