Recta DP 6G 2011

Also sporting a global needle for worldwide use, but offering a radical and appealing design, is Recta’s DP 6G. This matchbox-style compass offers a protective case that slides open to reveal a beautifully made bezel with a smooth action, luminous markings in all the right places for efficient night navigation, adjustable declination to get your magnetic north behaving the same as grid north, and a clinometer for checking the steepness of a slope. Quite ingeniously, it also features a mirror for very accurate sighting use, but this lies under the bezel rather than on top. Using it is simple, though – slide out the mirror and let it drop, target with the sighting groove along the top of the open case, and check the bearing reflected underneath. If you’re wondering how this can be read, it’s because the bezel markings can be found on the underside of the bezel, as well as on the top. Markings are in mils rather than degrees (see p64). What’s great about the DP 6G isn’t just its performance and rather classy looks (it’s also known as the ‘Officer Global’), it’s the fact that it gives you a highly protected instrument that’s only 67mm long when closed, and weighs in at just 55g.

Romer scales 1:50k, 1:25k
Night use luminous markings
Map magnifier yes
Declination adjustment yes
Clinometer yes
Sighting option mirror
Weight 55g

The Recta DP 6G  is best for compact size.

First published in Trail magazine November 2011