Primus Litech Trek Kettle 2009

The Primus Litech Trek Kettle is a one-person set that consists of a 1 litre pot and lid that could be used as a bowl. It’s made from aluminium to save weight with a non-stick surface on the inside. The folding handles on the pot and lid are protected with rubber grips so they don’t burn your hands. A stuffsack is also provided too. But this is just one pot, so cooking will have to be kept simple. The lid is quite shallow, so it’s not as useful as deeper solo lid designs.


Packed size 12.6x12.5cm
Weight 256g
Stockist details – tel. (02392) 528711;

Verdict: The Primus Litech Trek Kettle is an excellent solo kit for basic rehydration of dried meals.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2009