Lifeventure TIV Vacuum Flask

This flask comes in a metal case, while its black, grippy, anodised coating makes it almost too sexy to use! Inside there is a copper coating to improve insulation. Performance was okay and you get clear instructions. But the plastic lining of the cup does not extend as far as some around the lip to prevent burns. The screw-top pourer was not easy to open with gloves. It’s a high price too.


Capacity: 1000ml
Materials: stainless steel outer with anodised coating; stainless steel inner with copper coating, plastic stopper 
Sizes available: 350ml,  500ml, 750ml, 1000ml
Weight: 536g
Made in Japan
Stockist details: tel. (01189) 811 433;
Stores in UK: 300

Verdict: Looks and specification were not perfectly mirrored by the performance.