Jetboil Fluxring Fry Pan 2009

The popular Jetboil is ideal for boiling water in super-quick time, but the standard pot is too tall and narrow for make a stir-fry, for example. This Jetboil Fluxring Fry Pan has the heat exchanger of the standard Jetboil pot but is wide enough to cook a proper meal. The FluxRing cover doubles as an eating bowl. But there’s no lid so the efficiency benefit of the FluxRing is wasted by heat escaping from the open pan. And it only works with Jetboil Cooking System. 


Packed size 21x6cm
Weight 294g
Stockist details – tel. (015396) 25493;

Verdict: The Jetboil Fluxring Fry Pan is a valuable addition to the Jetboil system, but a lid would be useful.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2009