GoSystem Soloset 2009

The GoSystem Soloset comprises a 1.2 litre pan and a 1 litre fry pan that also acts as a lid and a plate, which is all one person really needs. There’s a pan grip and a stuffsack too. Circular grooves in the pan bases make them stick to stove pan supports better too. Inside a useful non-stick treatment is provided. But lower-priced sets have more pans so you could just use what you need from them, save money and carry the same or less weight than this.

Packed size 20.5x7.5cm
Weight 450g
Stockist details – tel. (0116) 234 4644; www.rekri8.co.uk


Verdict: The GoSystem Soloset is an excellent basic set for cooking real meals or rehydrating packet food.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2009