Dare 2b Mimic (2017)


Thinsulate insulation is used here, making the Dare 2b Mimic warmer than many gloves. You also get a waterproof construction and a rubberised palm for a better grip. The cuff is long and has a drawcord, but there is no wrist leash or wrist adjustment. Also there is no leather palm and the fingers have seams that may inhibit dexterity, as well as being less durable than fingers with seams positioned away from the tips. 4/5


The Mimic is available for men in sizes S-XL and for women in sizes XS-L. I immediately noticed that the lining tended to snag more easily than higher-priced gloves, which is a little annoying. But the general fit was good, although not the closest. The cuff was longer than most, so it easily protects against gaps between glove and jacket sleeve. 4/5


The Dare 2b Mimic is warmer than many other gloves as it is well insulated. But the snagging lining is irritating. The protection at the wrist is good, thanks to the long cuff. The back of the fingers has a gusseted design that allows a little more flex in the glove, which further enhances comfort. Overall these gloves are a good, comfortable option. 4/5

In use

The Dare 2b Mimic will be all that many walkers need. But finger dexterity is not quite the best and the lining niggles if you take them on and off regularly, plus there is no wrist leash provided (although you could attach one). If you scramble a lot or handle ice axes regularly then durability will be lower than that of some higher-priced gloves with leather palms and seams positioned away from the fingertips. 3/5


The price is great; and although they’re not perfect, for many walkers there is little need to pay more. 5/5


If you need a basic warm glove for winter walking Dare 2b Mimics are great, but pricier models may be more durable and have additional benefits. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017