Rab Latok Glove (2013)

One of the most important requirements for a glove is that it provides a good grip for holding trekking poles and ice axes or when scrambling, and to that end the Rab Latok Glove benefits from a silicone-treated palm. The glove is a well-established favourite but this year it has been redesigned with an improved gauntlet. The glove has a waterproof and breathable eVent lining inside the nylon outer with some stretch to allow a closer fit. On the hand the fit is indeed very close and when this is combined with the silicone pattern on the palm it allows exceptionally good grip of ice axes, trekking poles and rock when scrambling. Inside there is enough insulation to keep fingers warm in winter, and that new cuff design is neat enough to fit inside a jacket cuff. There is a drawcord on the cuff and an elasticated area at the wrist to ensure the glove stays in place, but you don’t get a wrist leash. Also there is no leather reinforcement so these may not be as durable as other options. There is a good soft nose wipe on the thumb, though. Overall the Rab Latok Glove would be ideal for general winter walking.

Materials nylon outer, eVent waterproof lining, silicone palm print, synthetic Bemberg pile insulation
Sizes S-XL (men’s); S-L (women’s)
Weight 188g (pair, size men’s L)
Website www.rab.uk.com


The Rab Latok Glove was best for grip and general winter hillwalking in our test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2013

Rab Latok Glove (2012)

While most gloves are designed to be warm, waterproof and hardwearing, there is another important requirement that many users would benefit from – and that is a good grip. The Rab Latok Glove is special in that it has a silicone print on the palm that is incredibly sticky, which makes gripping rock when scrambling, trekking poles or ice axes incredibly secure. The other areas of the glove are somewhat limited in terms of performance, but they offer the basic essentials a walker would be looking for. So you get an eVent waterproof lining with a polyester lining for extra insulation and comfort. This works well and the combination is a close-fitting glove that is easy to get on while also providing slightly better than average dexterity, making this very suitable for walkers. The wrist cuff is very short and close-fitting, so it fits inside a jacket sleeve easily. But the Velcro adjuster is too short in my view as by the time I had fitted the Rab Latok Glove over my big watch the Velcro tab was barely long enough. If you prefer your jacket to go inside the cuff for scrambling then you may struggle too.


Outer nylon; eVent waterproof lining; silicone grip palm

Insulation Bemberg fleece

Men’s sizes S-XL

Women’s sizes X-L

Removable liner no

Nose wipe yes

Wrist leash no

Weight 154g (pair, men’s size L)

Website www.rab.uk.com



The superb palm grip and heightened level of dexterity makes the Rab Latok Glove ideal for walkers, but there are enough drawbacks to make this a considered purchase.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012

Rab Latok 2009

The big advantage of the Rab Latok glove is the amazing palm grip that sets it apart from everything else we looked at. The silicone palm is incredibly sticky, making these ideal for holding ice axes and trekking poles and even rock. There is a waterproof lining and a brushed lining of insulation to make these ideal for mild, wet winter weather. They offer superb dexterity too and the short wrist cuff fits easily under a sleeve of a waterproof jacket. Use these for biking, scrambling, climbing or walking in mild weather and they are just the job. But the Rab Latok is a high price for what you are getting in terms of protection (that grippy palm has cranked the price up). The wrist cuff is quite short, so not ideal for protecting the wrists in wild storms or deep powder snow. This is a glove that fills a niche perfectly, but you may want a second pair of gloves for colder situations.

Materials eVent waterproof shell; MaxDry brushed lining; silicone palm print
Sizes S-XL
Made in China
Stores in the UK 40
Stockist details – tel. (01773)  601870; www.rab.uk.com
Mega grip and great dexterity make these ideal for climbing, biking and general walking, but the Rab Latok is not as protective in colder weather.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2009