Rab Guide 2017


The Rab Guide has Pittards leather on the outside for durability, while an eVent waterproof lining keeps your digits dry. The insulation is synthetic with pile on the back of the hand for more warmth. The wrist is elasticated, but there is no additional adjustment; and the cuff is well-sized but again lacks adjustment. However you do get a useful thumb loop to help pull the gloves on, plus a wrist leash and nose wipe. 4/5


The Guide comes in unisex sizes S-XL. On me the fit is close and snug without any snagging of the lining material as I put them on. The wrist and cuff areas fit closely, and the cuff is small enough to fit inside a jacket sleeve – but you could wear it outside a sleeve too. However as there is no adjustment on the wrist or cuff this may not fit everyone as well as it fits me. 3/5


The close fit combined with a lining that is soft and does not snag makes Rab Guides comfortable. They are warm enough too, although perhaps a looser fit would be welcome to trap more warm air around chunkier hands. The stretch soft shell Matrix DWS material on the back of the hand gives a closer fit too. The glove feels slightly stiffer and more restrictive of movement than some. 4/5

In use

Slipping these on and off is easy, thanks to the big red pull tabs inside the cuff that you can grab. The nose wipe on the thumb is great. The close fit allows ice axes and zips to be operated reasonably easily too. I also like the wrist leash. These work without additional wrist and cuff adjustment, but depending on the fit you may prefer gloves with extra adjustment in these areas. 4/5


There is no cuff or wrist adjustment, which makes the Rab Guide appear pricy; but the fit, performance and durability are excellent. 3/5


The Rab Guide is an excellent general-purpose glove for winter mountain walking that is durable and well designed for most hill-goers. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017