Mountain Equipment Guide (2017)


The Mountain Equipment Guide features a DriLite waterproof lining, leather palms, a pile lining for insulation and a nylon outer. A small panel of stretch material on the back of the hand is provided for a closer fit, plus there’s a nose wipe on the thumb. The cuff is shorter than some others but it has a drawcord adjuster and an elasticated wrist leash. The wrist is elasticated without additional adjustment. 4/5


The Guide comes in sizes S-XXL for men and XS-L for women. On my hand the fit is reasonably close and precise without any material bunching up. The cuff is slightly shorter than some gloves, but it fits inside or over a jacket sleeve (although longer-cuffed gloves give a neater fit over a sleeve). The cuff drawcord seals the glove well. 5/5


Mountain Equipment Guides are not too stiff and bulky on the hand, and the pile lining is comfortable. They are not quite as warm as some higher-priced gloves, though, and that shorter cuff doesn’t quite protect the wrist as well as longer-cuffed options, so a little more care is required to make a good seal around jacket sleeves. The fingers are precurved, and they fit neatly and comfortably. 4/5

In use

Mountain Equipment Guides provide reasonable dexterity, with a softer flex to the fingers than some. The warmth is enough for normal hillwalking, although an even warmer glove would be better for really cold trips. The elasticated wrist leash is a little annoying as it tends to ‘catapult’ the glove around, so I would prefer a cord leash. The cuff is a little too short to allow a good seal between jacket and glove. 4/5


Compared to other gloves these are well priced, but they are not quite as warm as some and they have a shorter cuff. 4/5


The Mountain Equipment Guide is a good general hillwalking glove that will satisfy most users, but some details niggle a little if you want the optimum in performance. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017