The North Face Patrol Glove (2013)

This is a new version of the Patrol Glove and it is completely different to the Patrol Glove than won Best in Test in February 2012. This new model is made from nylon with a leather palm and stretch material  on the back of the hand and around the cuff. This new model has a narrower wrist cuff and a generally closer fit around the wrist than the previous version, which means it can be more easily worn inside a jacket sleeve, but it cannot be worn over a jacket sleeve. I had the usual size large that I always use and found this glove far too tight when first putting my hand in as the stretch in the wrist area is not enough to allow an easy fit, something that could be extremely frustrating when you have cold, wet and numb hands. That close fit does mean they provide good dexterity though, once you get them on. A nose wipe is provided and also a karabiner loop on the forefinger and the pair of gloves can be clipped together so you don’t lose one in your pack. But there is no wrist leash, so you need to take care if you remove this momentarily in the wind as one might disappear. But for me the main drawback is that narrow wrist as I found these just too frustrating to get on. Perhaps try a size large than normal to see if that gives a better fit?

Outer nylon, leather
Waterproof lining Flash Dry
Insulation Primaloft One
Mens Sizes S-XL
Womens Sizes none
Removable liner No
Nose wipe yes
Wrist leash no
Weight 196g



The 2011-2012 version of the Patrol Glove was much better than this version which is primarily let down by an overly close fit around the wrist. But if the fit is ok on your hands then they do provide other good features. There are plenty of better gloves at lower prices that provide a better overall performance.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine January 2014