Stubai White Star (2014)

Stubai is a well-established brand. Its products are very well-priced, and they also deliver all the performance needed by those heading into the winter hills. At £80 the Stubai White Star has a straight shaft and a gently curved head. It’s strong enough to be used for belaying, so it gains the technical ‘T’ rating, but its main focus is being an all-rounder. You get a rubber grip on the shaft to ensure a positive grip; but there’s also a leash so the tool won’t disappear down the mountain if you do drop it. The gently curved head is ideal for ice axe braking as well as cutting steps. The axe weighs in at 669g (size 59cm), which is heavier than most axes of its size with higher price tags. But it’s well-balanced and feels good in the hands, so the real question you need to consider is do you want to pay more to save a few grams? If you can tolerate the weight, the Stubai White Star is an ideal ice axe for most hillwalkers in the UK.

Classification technical (T)
Materials alloy shaft, forged steel head
Sizes 52, 59, 66, 73cm
Weight 669g (59cm)



The Stubai White Star was voted best for good value winter walking in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2014