Stubai Tyrol 12 Point Combi 2011

The Stubai Tyrol 12 Point Combi is a 12 point crampon and the spikes are long, making these great for use on névé (compacted snow) and moderate ice, but less so on rock. Four of the points are rotated through 90 degrees for added grip on slopes, while some 3D stamping in the metal adds a little extra strength to the crampon. Fitting is simple as you get a heel clip binding plus an easy-to-adjust central bar. Anti-balling plates are supplied and these can be fitted easily enough with the aid of a supplied diagram. These are a C2 crampon and so they are ideal for 4-season boots. If you are looking for well-priced crampons for the occasional visit to the Alps or a climb up a classic Scottish gully then these are the ones for you. But at 1020g, they are very heavy. The anti-balling plates are not pre-fitted, and others are better in terms of how easily they shed the snow. The instructions are adequate, but others are better. The heel clip requires a screwdriver to adjust it.

Classification C2
Materials NiCroMo steel
Sizes one size fits 34-46
Weight 1020g (pair, including anti-balling plates)
Made in Austria
Stores in the UK 29

Other crampons offer a better combination of features, and the Stubai Tyrol 12 Point Combi crampons should offer more at this price point.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011