Stubai Twin Peaks Universal (2014)

The front points on crampons are intended to provide grip when tackling steeper slopes, but on level ground they aren’t really needed and they can be a real menace, as it’s all too easy to catch a front point on your trousers or a rock and trip over. The Stubai Twin Peaks Universal crampon has no front points, thereby avoiding the above problem. There are eight spikes on the base to provide grip on level ground. Each spike is 2cm long, which is ideal for cutting through snow on level ground, and also for the novice who may find that the longer 3cm spikes of other crampons lead to trips or unstable footing on uneven ground. Each spike has a pair of points to improve grip further, and four spikes are rotated through 45 degrees to give better grip on gentle slopes. Anti-balling plates are pre-fitted to prevent snow from sticking to the base of the crampon, and the crampons are held in place with straps that link plastic toe and heel cradles. The Stubai Twin Peaks Universal is ideal for walkers sticking to the easier paths, but if you stray off those tracks then it’s important to remember they don’t have front spikes for tackling steeper slopes.

Classification C1
Materials steel
Sizes regular (39-45) and XL (46-48)
Weight 782g (pair size regular with anti-balling plates)



The Stubai Twin Peaks Universal was voted the crampon that was best for novice hillwalkers in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2014