Stubai Trekking 10 Point Universal 2012

The Stubai Trekking 10 Point Universal is a 10-point crampon that is exceptionally compact, and for its price fairly light, making it ideal for those who tend to carry their crampons in their rucksack and use them only occasionally on their boots. The crampon has two points that are turned through 90 degrees to help with stability on slopes. There is also some 3D stamping towards the front points to add some extra strength. The crampon is easy to adjust and fit with the straps combined with toe and heel mouldings. This year’s anti-balling plates are pre-fitted and very lightweight, shaving a few grams off the whole package. The spikes are of a longer and more traditional length, which is good for use in snowy conditions, but they can feel a tad clumsy over mixed ground of exposed rock combined with thin snow or ice. The Stubai Trekking 10 Point Universal is a functional crampon with generally good features for winter walking, but some others have the edge in dealing with technical terrain.

Materials NiCroMo steel
Classification C1
Size one size (fits 34-51cm)
Weight 906g (pair including anti-balling plates)


The Stubai Trekking 10 Point Universal is best for occasional use.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2012