Stubai Trekking 10 Point Universal

This is a 10-point crampon that is exceptionally compact, making it ideal for those who tend to carry their crampons in the rucksack more than they wear them on their boots. The crampon has two points that are turned through 90 degrees to help with stability on slopes. There is also some 3D stamping towards the front points to add some extra strength. The crampon is easy to adjust and fit, with the straps combined with toe and heel mouldings. This crampon is supplied with anti-balling plates that have to be fitted by the user, by following the instructions provided. This is a good all-round crampon with adequate features for the hill-walker. But other crampons offer a little more in many departments. Firstly the instructions are rather basic compared to others. The anti-balling plates are not the best in terms of their ability to shift snow from the base of boots. A C2 crampon with heel clip is easier to fit. Some other crampons have more points rotated through 90 degrees to increase grip on slopes, while others have 12 points for better grip too.

Vital stats
Classification C1
Materials NiCroMo steel
Sizes one size fits 36-48
Weight 995g including anti-balling plates
Made in Austria
Stores in UK 29

Verdict: A functional crampon at a low price with generally good features for winter walking, but some others have the edge in the details of the performance