Stubai Blue Star Light

The Blue Star is a well-proven classic ice axe that has been voted Best Buy in past Trail reviews and has provided a popular low-priced option for many years. The design is fairly standard with a straight shaft. The new ‘Light’ version does not have a rubber grip or leash fitted, but on closer inspection the details stack up very well. The head has a wide adze for hacking out snow. The pick is not as aggressive as some, which is just what you want if you only need the axe for ice axe braking. You also get a rubber protector for the spike. This is a well-balanced, low-priced axe that is ideal for winter walking. All that for just £45 is a bargain.  But the weight is the main drawback here. The head is not as aggressive or as well-finished as some others either. The axe is also not quite as comfortable to hold in the hand as some others. In 2006 you could get the same axe for £52 including a leash and rubber shaft grip, which may be a better option.

Vital stats

Classification basic

Materials alloy shaft, forged steel head

Sizes 60, 65, 70cm

Weight 620g (size 60cm without leash)

Made in Austria

Stores in UK 29