Snowline Snowspikes Light (2014)

As the name suggests, Snowline Snowspikes Light are much lighter than the other similar models, being just 267g (pair, size XL) while similar products such as the Kahtoola Microspikes (430g) are heavier. The weight saving is due to the rubber cradle and metal chains being thinner, but the metal spikes are the same size. You get 12 spikes that are 1cm long, so the performance is similar to other units, in that they’re good on level paths where there’s a thin layer of snow or ice. It’s possible that on uneven ground the metal chains will come into contact before the spikes, so these are best used on soft ground rather than uneven, rocky surfaces. There’s no webbing strap across the top, so on uneven terrain they will roll off more easily than other options. At this stage it’s hard to know if the thinner materials used on the rubber cradle and the chains will mean that long-term durability will be impaired. However, the big advantage is the low weight, which will make Snowline Snowspikes Light a far better option than similar designs for runners, or anyone wanting to travel fast and light.

Materials rubber cradle with steel chain and spikes
Sizes M (35-39); L (39-43); XL (43-47)
Weight 267g (pair, size XL)



Snowline Snowspikes Light are very light for their performance, making them better for runners than similar designs; but when traversing slopes or crossing ice covered in deep snow, they aren’t a replacement for full crampons.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2014