Petzl Spiky (2012)

The Petzl Spiky is the most basic option when it comes to providing grip on snow or ice. There are six carbon steel spikes attached to a rubber sock. Fitting them is a doddle as you just dip the toe of the shoe into the front and then stretch them over the heel of the shoe. There are cutouts in the rubber to expose the heel section of your footwear, which is useful for improving grip, but on the forefoot the sole is covered so you are reliant on the rubber and spikes. The spikes are only 2mm deep and there are just four at the forefoot and two at the heel, which means these are not very grippy. They are okay on level, even paths and pavements, but you do have to take more care as the grip is not as good as other devices and if you don’t plant your foot down flat you can easily skid off a hard, icy surface.


Materials rubber sole with six carbon steel points

Sizes 1 (up to 9), 2 (10-12), 3 (13)

Weight 168g (pair, size 3)

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The Petzl Spiky is best for level paths.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012