Petzl Charlet Vasak Leverlock

Petzl Charlet has introduced a new range of crampons that feature a number of modern developments. Firstly they weigh in at a very respectable 936g, which is lighter than some competitors. They are made of steel too, unlike lighter aluminium alloys that lack the durability of heavier crampons. For added strength you get 3D stamping throughout. There are long 12 spikes, making them better for long days in the snow, rather than scrambling or mountaineering over mixed terrain. You also get a pattern of spikes that helps to improve stability on slopes by having some spikes rotated by 90 degrees. To further improve traction you get anti-balling plates fitted as standard. Fitting the crampons to your boots is very easy thanks to a heel clip and strap system that attaches to a front toe loop. The crampons can also be easily adjusted. A good set of instructions give meaning to all the straps and fitting adjustments. These are superb crampons for wearing with winter B2 boots when tackling long snow slopes, easy winter gullies and generally making light of snow-covered mountains at home or abroad. But the slightly high price tag is a drawback. Also the anti-balling plates are not quite as good as some either. You need a small screwdriver to replace the anti-balling plates when they wear out too. You also do not get anything to keep the snow out of the heel breast area. The spikes are long, which is an advantage if you are trudging through deep snow, but not ideal if you are scrambling or mountaineering, as they tend to snag on gaiters and catch projecting rocks more easily than shorter spikes, so this feature should be considered in the light of your expected winter activity.


Classification: C2
Materials: steel
Sizes: one size fits 36-46
Weight: 936g including anti-balling plates
Made in France
Stores in UK: England 20; Wales 1; Scotland 12; Ireland 1

Verdict: Buy it if you want lighter crampons or prefer the longer spikes, or find they fit your boots better than other crampons, particularly if you are heading for snow rather than mixed snow and rock terrain.