Outdoor Designs Summit Mitt Pro

This mitt one its first award from Trail magazine back in November 2002, and for many walkers it's been their favourite mitt ever since. Firstly, it costs £20 some competitors and for your cash you are getting a good waterproof and breathable shell that benefits from a leather palm for extra durability. The fingers and thumb are well-shaped to provide a good fit. A webbing buckle at the wrist and a cuff drawcord control fit further, and prevent entry of water and snow, as they do on the Marmot. But what I really liked was the inner mitt that makes these very warm but also this mitt can be worn on its own. This combination means you can wear one or other or both to suit the conditions, making this perfect for a wide variety of winter weather.  But it is the details that set the top two mitts apart. You don’t get a nose wipe or a wrist security loop, (though an attachment point is provided), but at the price it's hard to beat.

Verdict Buy it if you want a superb mitt for winter walking with a removable mitt liner and don’t need nice features like security wrists loops and nose wipes.

Materials 3-layer Watergate Ceramic (shell); fleece (inner mitt)

Material waterproofness very waterproof

Material breathability very breathable

Weight 236g (size large)

Sizes S-XL

Made in China

Stores England 90; Wales 25;Scotland 25; Ireland 2