Lowe Alpine Raptor (2015)


There is a little more warmth here than you get with some other similar gloves as the Lowe Alpine Raptor has Primaloft synthetic insulation. The palm is leather and there is a Triplepoint waterproof lining with stretch material on the back of the hand. There is a wrist leash that isn’t elasticated, and you get a cuff adjustment cord. The wrist itself is elasticated, with no additional adjustment. 4/5


This comes in unisex sizing of S-XL, and the L fitted me well. The thumb was a particularly good fit compared with others, being much closer than expected, while all the fingers were also a good fit. The cuff was a notch longer and wider than some, which allowed it to fit better over or under a jacket sleeve, while the cuff adjustment fine-tuned this fit. 5/5


This glove feels great on the hand, although the closer fit does perhaps make it feel a

little more restrictive in terms of movement compared to some. But there is no bunching or snagging of material. I also like the insulation, which feels warmer than some lower-priced gloves, and it’s well-suited to typical winter hill days in the UK. 5/5

In use

The Lowe Alpine Raptor is great for holding ice axes and trekking poles, and it offers very good dexterity due to its closeness of fit. The wrist leash is well-designed too as it isn’t elasticated,

so gloves don’t catapult around but hang securely from your wrist when removed. The cuff adjustment is easy to use and overall the Raptor works well when hillwalking. 5/5


This has more insulation than lower-priced gloves and better features than some pricier options, making it great value. 4/5


The Lowe Alpine Raptor is superb for the price, with only small improvements available on some pricier options. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2015