Icetrekkers Diamond Grips (2014)

Icetrekkers Diamond Grips use a rubber cradle like some of the lower-priced options, but on the base they have a metal chain and metal cable arrangement, which is very durable. Along the metal cables are a series of patented Diamond Beads, which have six small spikes on them. There are 34 of these beads and they can all rotate on the wire, which means there are lots of tiny spikes that can give a small degree of grip. Collectively all these beads provide a very good grip on ice and as they rotate on the wire, they self-clean to some extent to prevent debris clogging up the sole of your boot. The spikes aren’t very long, though, so once there’s a layer of snow, the grip isn’t so good. But they do grip better than the spring metal coil designs and they are also more durable than those with a rubber cradle on the base. However, as the chain extends around the edges of the sole, you can sometimes make a step where the metal chain comes into contact with the hard ice before the spikes do – and then they skid off the surface. This means you need to walk with some care if wearing Icetrekkers Diamond Grips, stamping your feet as you go rather than walking normally, ‘heel to toe’.

Materials rubber cradle with steel chain of spikes
Sizes S (5-6); M (6.5-9); L (9.5-12.5); XL (13+)
Weight 349g (pair, size XL)



Icetrekkers Diamond Grips are very durable and useful on level ice and compacted snow, but if there’s too much soft snow on the surface performance wanes due to the shallow spike depth.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2014