Grivel Spider (2012)

The instep crampon has been the traditional solution to walking on frozen ground without using full crampons, and the Grivel Spider has been available for many years. It comes in one size and fits most footwear due to its simple frame, which is strapped to the instep of the shoe. Screwed into the frame are 10 spikes that are 1cm long and very sharp, so they are great for biting into hard ice as well as frozen ground. The toe and forefoot of the boot’s outsole remains exposed and this can be useful if there is not too much ice around; however you do need to take care that you walk with a stamping action when you need the spikes, as a ‘toe to heel’ walking action does not give the spikes an opportunity to bite into the ground very effectively. Best used when small areas of snow or ice need to be crossed.


Materials polyamide frame and steel spikes

Sizes one size

Weight 164g (pair)

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The Grivel Spider is best for tracks with small areas of snow or ice.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012