Grivel Nepal Steel Munro 2011

The Grivel Nepal Steel Munro is a basic, no-nonsense walking axe that, as the name suggests, would be good for tackling winter Munros. It’s very much a traditional axe with a straight shaft, full-size adze and an alpine pick with moderately aggressive teeth. It will plunge into snow, cut steps and do the odd bit of front pointing without too much fuss. There is an equal balance between head and shaft, which is nice to walk with but will not sustain too much front pointing. It comes with an excellent leash and ferrule guard. But the shaft lacks grip, meaning you will need to use the leash while front pointing. Those who like to use their axe leashless might find this a bit off-putting.

Classification basic
Materials hot forged head, carbon steel
Sizes 58, 66, 74cm
Weight 470g (with leash and spike protector)
Made in Italy
Stores in the UK 35

The Grivel Nepal Steel Munro is a quality tool that will provide a lifetime’s service as a walking axe.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011