Grivel Matrix Tech

The Matrix Tech ice axe is designed for ice-climbers and mountaineers. It is an ideal choice for climbers who want easy handling and a dedicated design. The shaft is contoured for easier grip, thanks to the rubber shaft and hand support moulding on the end of the shaft. The shaft has a double angulated shape that opens up space for the head to allow easier placements without rapping the knuckles and makes it easier to place the pick over protruding ice. This is an axe that is ideal for steeper ice. Although not provided with a leash, the Grivel Tech Leash can be fitted. You also get the ability to change the head, plus a matching hammer is available. But this is a ice-climbing tool rather than a day-to-day hill-walker’s axe. While its features are superb for climbing, walkers would benefit from other axes that are lighter, lower in price and better for using as a walking aid.

Vital stats

Classification technical

Materials NiCrMo steel head

Sizes 50cm

Weight 675g (size 50cm with leash)

Made in Italy

Stores in UK 100


Verdict A dedicated ice climbing tool that is superb at what it does – but it’s not ideal for your average hill-walker, which is what this review is about!