Grivel G10

The Grivel G10 is a modern classic crampon that has frequently been rated highly by Trail. The crampon is based around 10 spikes that are not as sharp as some designs, to reduce the chance of snagging on gaiters. You get 3D stamping for added strength too, while four spikes have been set horizontally to improve traction forwards and backwards. Anti-balling plates and a piece of rubber on the central bar are provided to prevent snow from sticking to the base of these crampons and this is an outstanding feature. Adjustment is easy and these can be attached easily to boots, while good instructions ensure you don’t struggle too much the first time. These crampons weigh only 880g, which is very respectable and only beaten high by less durable crampons. All that for £80 is good value, when you consider the extra details of the design that you can benefit from. But you can get lower-priced crampons (and you even get a crampon bag with some lower-priced crampons too!) – but to me these are not good enough reasons to avoid this model, as crampons last for many years and so any small price difference has to be spread over many years of service. All C2 crampons with heel clips are faster and easier to fit as well of course and those with 12 points offer more grip.


Classification: C1
Materials: NiCrMo steel
Sizes: one size fits 35-46
Weight: 880g including anti-balling plates
Made in Italy
Stores in UK: England 66; Wales 12; Scotland 33; Ireland 2

Verdict: Buy it if you require a C1 crampon with superb features for winter hill-walking as nothing else can compare in terms of features.