Grivel Brenva 2011

The Grivel Brenva is a beautifully constructed general ice axe. The cast head is a work of art and is armed with a sculpted adze that will cut steps with ease, and a pick that has a full set of aggressive teeth. The shaft has a shallow clearance bend, a recessed rubber grip and is tipped by a well-shaped ferrule. The curved shaft is designed for improved self-arrest. In action the balance is excellent, giving a positive kick when swung, and the shaft plunges easily into snow. This setup is great if you dabble in a bit of the steeper stuff but mostly use it for walking. This axe is well-made so it will give many years of service. But the slight shaft bend clearance is too much of a compromise to offer any real protection to your knuckles when front pointing.

Classification technical
Materials hot forged head, carbon steel
Sizes 48, 53, 58, 66, 74cm
Weight 555g (with leash and spike protector)
Made in Italy
Stores in the UK 12

The Grivel Brenva is a beautifully made axe most suited to walking, trekking or easier Alpine peaks.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011