Grivel Air Tech New Matic Heel Clip 12 Point (2013)

Grivel has a long history of making great crampons, and the Air Tech New Matic Heel Clip 12 Point has been popular for several years and a frequent winner of ‘Best in Test’ in Trail. It is a 12 point design, which gives it extra grip on more varied terrain and specifically in mountaineering situations where you may not have all the spikes in contact with the snow or ice so you need everything you can get! The 12 spikes have a mix of lengths from 2cm to 3cm along with serrated edges to provide extra grip on mixed ground of snow, ice and rock, which is so typical of the British hills in winter as well as many mountaineering situations. Four points are rotated through 90 degrees for better grip on snow when descending. There are anti-balling plates fitted that pop out when compressed to spring the snow away from the sole before it has time to stick. Length adjustment can helpfully be achieved without tools, and the crampon is fitted to the boot via a toe cradle and heel clip, so it requires boots with a rear lip. The Grivel Air Tech New Matic Heel Clip 12 Point is C2-rated for use on stiffer 4-season boots. This crampon is ideal for general mountaineering, alpinism, mixed snow and ice climbing.

Materials NiCroMo steel
Sizes one size fits 36-47cm
Weight 940g (pair, including anti-balling plates)


The Grivel Air Tech New Matic Heel Clip 12 Point crampons are the best option for mountaineering in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2013